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Uncover Hidden Market Insights For Better Decisions.

Insights delve deep into data, offering a clear understanding of trends and patterns. They transform raw information into actionable knowledge, guiding decision-making with precision.
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Talanture powers strategic talent decisions worldwide.

Talanture Insights delivers comprehensive market data to inform recruitment and workforce planning.

Historic Salary Trend

Harness historical salary data to craft competitive compensation strategies.
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Workforce Analytics

Use workforce analytics to improve HR strategies and enable data-driven decisions.
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Demographic Analysis

Analyze demographic data to understand workforce diversity and inform inclusive strategies.
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Market Skill Mapping

Deploy market skill mapping to optimize talent and inform strategic workforce plans.
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Realtime Market Trends

Leverage real-time market trends to capitalize on opportunities and drive growth.
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Candidate Supply Insight

Utilize candidate supply insights to optimize talent acquisition strategies.
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Competitor Benchmarking

Use competitor benchmarking to identify gaps and enhance market positioning.
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Roles Based Success Profiles

Develop role-based success profiles to align talent with business objectives.
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Organizations leveraging Talanture Insights achieve a 5x faster time-to-hire for critical roles on average.


Companies using Talanture Insights report a 30% increase in workforce planning accuracy and alignment.
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“Talanture Insights transformed our recruitment strategy, delivering unparalleled data clarity!”

Lachlan Simkin – Devsonic
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Capturing Real-Time Labor Market Dynamics Under One Dashboard

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Up-to-the-Minute Data
Access continuously updated data streams providing real-time intelligence on labor market dynamics, skill supply/demand, and emerging trends.
Granular Insights
Dive deep with hyper-localized data spanning regions, industries, job roles, and skill clusters for precise talent market visibility.
Data Enrichment
Enrich market data with proprietary datasets, external data sources, and contextual business information for comprehensive analysis.

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Companies utilizing Gauge's platform report a significant increase in the quality and retention of their hires.
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